Tech Frame Builders uses solid woods, reclaimed woods, plywood, wood melamine, MBF, laminates, veneers, as well as a host of other materials.


Custom wood framework to meet all your needs. Beautiful designs built to last.

Who We Are

Based in Coquitlam, Tech Frame Builders Inc. is a family woodwork business whose service offers to help create your ideal living space. From pristine kitchen & bathroom cabinets, to custom designed furniture and everything in between, Tech Frame strives to convert your dream home into an affordable reality.


Your kitchen is the heart of your home. It is the room of which your guests will analyze and admire the most, so it merits attention and care.

Bathrooms & Vanities

Bathrooms have always been the hardest room in the household to maintain. Luckily for you, elevating your bathroom has never been more affordable and convenient.

Custom Staircases

It sounds crazy to think that a part of your house as ordinary as stairs could be the focal point of a conversation, but businesses like Tech Frame Builders are now making that thought a reality!